Offering a full suite of environmental services, Muzna group conducts thorough and effective environmental testing to evaluate the susceptibility of specific failure mechanisms as they may occur on electrical connectors, sockets and components for the Telecommunication, Military, Computer, Automotive and consumer industries. Our wide range of environmental testing available includes Mixed Flowing Gas, Humidity, Temperature, Salt Fog, Dust, Thermal Cycling, IP Testing and many others meets needs of the electronics industry to establish a baseline for quality and performance. We also offer plating analysis including testing for plating thickness, porosity, and solderability.

Included in our responsibility to carrying out your testing needs includes proper test and sample preparation including thorough cleaning(if required), sample mounting to test boards, and custom fixture design/build to ensure that our tests are accurate and reliable. In addition, we can design special tests and procedures as needed, and provide all supporting documentation for every test we conduct.

Environmental Testing Capabilities

General Capabilities

Design Specialized Test and Evaluation Procedures
General Electrical & Mechanical Testing
Technical Support
Supporting Documentation

  • Comprehensive Full Data Sets
Harsh Environment Testing

Mixed Flowing Gas
Single and Dual Gas High Concentration
Gas Tight
Salt Spray

Humidity Testing

Thermal Cycling w/ Humidity
Moisture Resistance
Steady State Humidity

Thermal Environment Testing

Thermal Cycling
Temperature at Altitude
Temperature Life
Thermal Shock

Plating Analysis

Air Leakage
Altitude Immersion

  • Benign
  • Corrosive
  • Arizona Road Dust
  • Talcum
  • Silica
  • Portland Cement

Gas Tight (Wrapper Resistance)
Pressure/Vacuum Leak
Resistance to Solder Heat

Fluid/Water Testing

Simulated Rain
Fluid Immersion
Fluid Resistance
Resistance to Solvents
Soap Water
Water Ingress
Ingress Protection Testing (IPXX)

Specialized Test Preparation Service

Design & Procure Test Boards

  • Built In Circuits

Fixture Design
Mounting of Connectors & Sockets

Industry Focus

Children Products
Consumer Electronics