Muzna Group provides end to end alternate backup power solution that you deserve, no matter what size generator you need. We provide turnkey backup power generator installation of any size for your home, business or commercial purpose. Our technical experts and professionals make sure to provide the most economic and best performing solution to the customer while keeping all the necessary compliances and norms intact.


Selecting your Backup Power Generator for Residential and Commercial can be quite complicated as there are several parameters that you need to consider. Just knowing the total connected load at times is not enough. Some of the typical considerations while sizing your Backup Genset are

  1. The block loading requirements for the genset.
  2. The starting requirements of the load specially for motor and other inductive loads.
  3. The % non- linear load in your system.
  4. The reactive power management requirements of your system.

We have the capability of helping you select the right gensets for your home, business or commercial use and offers a host of solutions that can meet your unique requirements. By conducting a load study we are able to assess your requirement and recommend a solution that will be reliable and cost effective. All you have to do is just contact us and relax.


Before installing a Backup Power Generator it is important that the installation location is properly selected. An ideal generator installation location is driven by multiple factors such as

  1. Proper ventilation to ensure that heat dissipation happens properly.
  2. Distance from the load distribution center to optimize the cabling requirements.
  3. Proper arrangement for earthing.
  4. Optimum area around the genset for maintenance.

We have the expertise to help you install your genset based on your site requirements. MG can work with you to understand your installation site and can recommend the most optimum location for your genset. Be it basement installations or roof top, MG has a solution that can ensure that your genset operates efficiently.


For certain critical applications such as stone crushers or applications that have a large nonlinear load or where heat exchanger systems are required, standard genset may not give optimum performance. Such applications require modifications in the engine, alternator and control panels.

We offer customized products for special applications. We have commercial backup power generator designed for applications such a stone crushers, specially designed AVRs for harmonic rich environments and controllers that can offer higher safety and protection levels.


Exhaust management is one of the most crucial aspects of Generator installation. A poorly installed exhaust management system can not only impact the surrounding environment but also the health and safety of people living in the area. The regulations that govern exhaust management need to be understood properly to avoid any future compliance related issues.

We have the expertise of exhaust management systems for a variety of applications. Be it a simple residential installation, a high rise building or a commercial complex. MG has Residential and Commercial Power Backup Solutions that can ensure that the surrounding environment is not affected by the genset and all important regulations are met.


Simply buying a standalone genset is not enough. Systems are required to ensure that the genset is properly integrated into the electrical system. This requires switching, control and monitoring equipment that helps achieve this purpose. If your installation has more than one genset, a synchronizing system is required to ensure that the gensets are able to operate simultaneously.

MG is a domain expert in the genset electricals space. We have solutions that can automatically switch on your genset and connect it to your power system. By partnering with MG you can get service for your genset and associated equipment at a single-point through MG care. MG can offer synchronizing solution that can switch-on multiple Backup Power Gensets based on the load demand.


Planning your genset purchase can be a complex process for the following reasons

  1. Planning it too early would mean that by the time the genset is ready, your site may not be ready and you would need some additional space for storing the genset.
  2. If the genset purchase is not planned in time your entire project timelines can get delayed. Balancing this can be complicated.
  3. MG has the capability of delivering a genset in time! This removes all complexities of planning your genset purchase.