Our Housekeeping team take it as a task and a challenge to provide superior quality results by using best methods, accessories, equipment’s and support personnel’s commencing from the general cleaning activities, the service also involves taking care of the property, and ensuring its maintenance, proper use and appearance.

Team of  housekeeping professionals are available for different types of housekeeping services like Residential housekeeping services, Office housekeeping services, Commercial housekeeping services and weekly housekeeping services, to the people holding important Offices, Corporate buildings, Housing societies and Commercial Malls. We make sure that all the personnel recruited by us are efficient enough to offer excellent housekeeping services to our clients.

Our Team is well-experienced and keeps a track record of all the services by maintaining a proper back up record. This ensures in keeping a thorough check on the hygienic level. All the records in the form of check list or reports are maintained on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis.

  • Our Housekeeping services are particularly concentrated on Total Quality Management (TQM), with a highly specialized and experienced team.
  • Consistent & Quality Oriented Services.
  • Using state-of-the-art Cleaning Equipment & Technology.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance even External Fencing, Gates & Boundaries Premises.
  • Complete MIS Reporting Systems.
  • Operations & Management Schedules.
  • Supply of Cleaning Chemicals & Consumables.
  • Supply of Cleaning Equipment & Machinery.
  • In-house Staff Training Team.
  • Upkeep of all ceramic fittings and providing disinfectant materials.
  • Cleaning of all Utility Products with High Level Hygienic Conditions adhered at site, within frequent intervals with the best quality of liquid detergent floor sanitizers.


  • Villa.
  • Flat.
  • Sofa and Carpet.
  • Curtains and linens.
  • Kitchens and Washrooms.
  • Fans, Exhaust and AC’s.
  • Lawns and gardens.
  • Events management.


  • Office Space.
  • Commercial Complex.
  • Business Event Specific.
  • Hotels and Malls.
  • Shopping Arcades and markets.
  • Residential Complexes.


  • Industry specific services.
  • shift basis, scheduled and routine.
  • On call and contract basis.
  • Well trained in HSE policy.
  • Event specific services provided.
  • Non-hazardous cleaning materials.
  • Clear and pre-defined methodologies.