Satisfying a vast range of structural and aesthetic design requirements, a pre engineered building supported by Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) and enveloped in insulating composite panels is the best alternative to conventional masonry and concrete construction for literally endless applications. MG offers turnkey solutions for multi storey prefabricated buildings with countless benefits to serve. The cost effective nature and uncompromised performance of these structures makes it a favored construction choice.

The pre engineered buildings are best suited for living accommodations, office blocks and storage purposes. MG offers a customized solution to meet every commercial requirement and being a PEB structure manufacturer, guarantees a quality construction with quick installation. The pre engineered buildings find an application in almost every type of construction and when enveloped in insulating panels result in higher energy savings and comfort during adverse conditions.


Pre engineered building structures offer quick installation and easy erection with lightweight construction. A superior pick of materials and a meticulous manufacturing process makes PEB structures maintenance free. These buildings are resistant to all sorts of corrosive elements and being structurally integral can withstand severe wind loads and adverse natural conditions. With insulated facets and walls, the building offers higher energy efficiency and weather proof advantage. Various finishing options make pre engineered buildings aesthetically appealing. Flexible design and construction offers diverse layout possibilities and architecture as per desired requirements. Fixing of smoke detectors, firefighting equipment and AC’s is easily possible for better safety and comfort.

Widely used for construction sites and off-site projects, prefabricated building is a quick solution to set up a durable accommodation infrastructure and with innovative technology incorporated by MG, these structures can be utilized for more diverse applications. Precise design and a meticulous production process ensures the best accommodation structures and with the dedicated approach of the technical staff, every possible factor is considered and the building is granted a higher resistance to load, wind, corrosion and degradation.


We deal with all the aspects of production, assembly, installation and maintenance of PEB. Prefab factory buildings are extensively used for constructing offices, testing facilities, warehouses and special work sites in factories.

With quick installation times and flexible design layouts, prefab factory steel buildings are suitable for diverse client requirements and can be structured as per the available space and area.


With high quality raw materials put to use, prefabricated steel structure factory from us has a reputation for being the best offering among the competition with the following features

  • The skeletal structure of the factory building is fabricated from highest quality steel.
  • Precise manufacturing leads to exact dimensional accuracy of the resulted structure.
  • Aesthetic PUF / EPS panels offer great insulation benefits while being aesthetically appealing.
  • The prefab steel structure factory can be installed in the least time and serves lifetime applications.
  • The structure of factory buildings is made to be earthquake resistant. It is safe for high wind loads and is fire resistant as well.


We have vast market knowledge and well understands the diverse applications of these prefab structures. We offer solutions that are unique, innovative, efficient and in accordance with the highest standards in industry. The building structures manufactured are suitable for following industrial applications

  • Factory production plants.
  • Industrial enclosures.
  • Warehouses.
  • Testing facilities.
  • Quality control and inspection area enclosures.
  • Prefabricated manufacturing centers.